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Well we just finished another dredging season. We spent about 6 weeks on the Scott River. We really enjoyed the area. It is a really depressed area, shutting down the lumber mills really hurt the economy there. The businesses struggle to survive. The gas stations could not afford to comply to the rules the government demanded and had to close down. The few that are open had to go to above the ground gas tanks, and use the card lock system. To purchase gas you could use "Credit Cards, or you could purchase a card from the Markets at Hamburg or Seied. We were surprized to see the homes for sale. The people there are all very friendly, and the businesses really appreciate the people. We ate at Seiad Cafe and our cook was the owner himself, Rick, and he could really cook up a hamburger, and his breakfasts are great, if you are ever there drop in and try a stack of pancakes, they are the size and height of a cake. If you would like to see a very remarkable area, you need to take a trip from Yreka, Ca.I-5 to 96, the road runs along the Klamath River and is a very scenic. We seen bear, deer and osprey and lots of other little critters. It will not be a waste of your time.

We live in Columbia, Ca. in the middle of the mother lode, on Italian Bar Rd, the same road that takes you to LDMA camp and several GPAA claims.

This area was abundant with mining activity, the town burned down several times and each time, before they rebuilt, the ground below was mined. Makes you wonder if the fires were started on purpose.

I notice from old pictures that there was hardly any trees on the hills, I guess all the stiring up of the dirt made for good fertile growing material.

Now in 1999, there are lots of trees. I think there is a moral to my story but will not get into that.

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